Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Smell the Movies
Smell the TV

Transmitted:Jan 1989 - April 1995
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Surrealism, caricature, alternative comedy
Starring:Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie
No. of seasons:4

A sketch show featuring the comic talents of two of Britain's finest.
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie lampoon most aspects of British life, playing a seemingly endless series of over-the-top caricatures of the populace. Thick as pig shit members of the general public, old boy toffs, crazed eccentrics and even bizarre secret agents are all on show, and, whilst it can be a bit hit and miss, the standard is usually pretty high.
Stephen Fry is the standout of the two, as his excessive 'poshness' is used to great effect as he plays bumbling buffoons, corporation bosses and ludicrous TV presenters.
Always entertaining without being truly groundbreaking, it is worth a look.
The usual gripe, that is common to most sketch shows of the time, is the unnecessary inclusion of musical numbers, but that aside a thoroughly enjoyable show.

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