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The Day of the Triffids

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Transmitted:Sep 1981 - Oct 1981
Country of origin:UK
Genre:British sci-fi, Based on a novel, Cult classic
Starring:John Duttine, Emma Relph
No. of seasons:1

BBC adaptation of the John Wyndham novel which is both a character study, and an analysis of the basis of society.
How long after the fabric of society deteriorates would the usual rules of social etiquette prevail? Or, would we all turn into a bunch of self-serving mercenaries, caring not at all for our fellow man.
The plot - a comet passes close to the Earth's orbit, and most of mankind are eager to see it. They stare up at the sky and, for reasons that are never fully explained, they are rendered blind. Our hero, Bill Masen, has the good fortune to be in hospital for an operation on his orbs (can't remember the exact reason) so is immune to the effects. At the same time, vicious vegetation, Triffids, which had been safely housed in labs and zoos as subjects of study and curiosity are now able to break free of their captivity, and are hell-bent on claiming the Earth as their own.
The Triffids themselves are well realised, and the cast performs well.
For a small screen adaptation of such a profound concept, the BBC did a very good job, and it is noticeable the number of people who remember this, even so many years after its initial transmission.
Flags towards the middle but, that aside, this is a fine effort indeed.

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