Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Doctor Who (new)

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Transmitted:March 2005- Present
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Time travel, Multiple actors in lead role, British sci-fi
Starring:Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant, Matt Smith
No. of seasons:6 plus several specials

After 9 long years in hiatus, in 2005 the BBC were finally convinced by respected writer and lifelong 'Who' fan, Russell T Davies, to resurrect the Timelord and his trusty Tardis, and they haven't looked back since.
Gone are the wobbly sets and shaky special effects, in their place cutting edge CGI and extraordinary scope. With Ecclestone only on board for one season, Tennant has now made the character his own, an energetic, dynamic bundle of action who, whilst occasionally grating, nevertheless keeps the viewer gripped.
With a good mix of Earth bound and space bound stories, and a healthy blend of new aliens and returning villains from the original series, the popularity of the new format has proved remarkable and has once more established Doctor Who as a Saturday night staple of British television.
Long may it continue.

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