Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Doombolt Chase

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Transmitted:March 1978 - April 1978
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Action adventure, Vague sci-fi themes, Cult classic
Starring:Andrew Ashby, Shelley Crowhurst, Richard Willis, Donald Burton, John Woodnutt, Ewen Wolon
No. of seasons:1

HTV serial from the late seventies, written by Don Houghton who also contributed several stories to Doctor Who, this series follows the exploits of a group of young adventurers who are drawn into a plot of intrigue involving stolen missiles, secret military areas, and a megolomaniac bent on unleashing a nuclear holocaust against the Earth, or at the very least selling the means to do the same to the highest bidder.
The show is an action adventure, featuring an excellent young cast and some truly inspired direction for such a low budget offering. The military hardware on offer is impressive to say the least, and is best used in the series finale.
Breathlessly action-packed, this is ostensibly a kids show, but is just so damned exciting even grown up kids can enjoy it too.
If you can find it - which will be tough - well worth a look if you like such fare as The Avengers, Doctor Who etc.

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