Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The League of Gentlemen

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Transmitted:November 1997 - October 2002
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Horror themes, Gross exaggeration / caricatures, British eccentricity
Starring:Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith
No. of seasons:3, plus a Christmas special and a movie.

An amazingly dark, sinister comedy series, full of black humour, horror movie references and, at times, utter sickness (see the dog being dragged behind the bicycle for evidence).
Gatiss, Pemberton and Shearsmith play an assortment of ghastly caricatures, many of them female, to dissect the darker sides of the human condition. Everyday situations are blown out of all proportion, exaggerated to breaking point both for comic effect and to make the viewer squirm. Awkward silences, overtly theatrical dialogue and a real eye for the morbidly absurd marks this show as one of the most original to come from Britain for many years. Add into the mix supernatural elements and moments of genuine gore to get a rough idea of what this is about.
I could waffle on ad nauseum about just how great this programme is.

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