Thursday, 26 January 2012

The New Avengers

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Transmitted:October 1976 - December 1977
Country of origin:UK / Canada
Genre:Action, espionage, cult classic
Starring:Patrick Macnee, Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt
No. of seasons:2

Spin-off / continuation of The Avengers series from the 60's.
Gone are the surreal plotlines, garish sets and costumes and utterly English charm. In it's place is a brasher, harsher, more gritty tone, and action set pieces based more in reality than before, with a noticeable increase in hardware over old-fashioned fisticuffs.
One consistent element with The Avengers series that continues with The New Avengers is the presence of a strong, beautiful, independent leading lady, stunningly represented by the delectable Joanna Lumley.
A British Canadian co-production, the last four episodes are set in Canada, and these really signalled the death knell for the show, as the shift in tone has been blamed for alienating the core audience.
An intriguing addition to the TV canon, not always successful, occasionally brilliant and awful in equal measures, nevertheless it is worth being given a chance by fans of cult TV.

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