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Transmitted:September 2003 - present
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Point of View camerawork, Life's frustrations, 'Odd Couple' format
Starring:David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Neil Fitzmaurice, Olivia Colman, Matt King
No. of seasons:7 and counting

A very modern take on The Odd Couple dynamic sees Mark and Jeremy sharing a flat in London.
Mark is a serious, vaguely depressed, straight down the line type of guy, who wants nothing more than to hold down a job that bores him rigid, and to marry a woman simply because he feels that that is what is expected.
Conformity is his middle name.
Jeremy is the exact opposite. Self-styled musical genius, he is a waster, unemployed, and content simply to take drugs, masturbate and hang out with his druggie mate Super Hans.
The comedy comes from the embarrassment of the predicaments they find themselves in - most of which the viewer can relate to - and the verbal sparring between the two of them.
The title is derived from the fact that each camera angle is a Point of View shot from one of the characters, so we are literally seeing the world through the eyes of the protagonist as the events unfold..
Bad language, sexualised ideas, drug use and general adult content abound and, luckily, it is absolutely hilarious.
Brilliantly irreverent.

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