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Phoenix Nights

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Transmitted:January 2001 - December 2002
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Northern humour, British eccentricity, realism
Starring:Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Patrick McGuinness
No. of seasons:2

Peter Kay's sublime comedy is a wonderful pastiche of Northern working class life.
Brian Potter runs a tacky club called The Phoenix Club, where the locals are entertained by talentless talent shows, singers that can't hold a note, and even a Lancashire version of Robot Wars.
Kay himself plays a dazzling array of characters, and each episode focuses on 'crisis of the week'.
Sarcastic, crude and ball blazingly funny, this is an absolute joy.
The character interplay is superb, and there is genuine pathos at times. People who have never experienced working class life may struggle to understand some of the references - it has chilling echoes of The British Legion horrors from my youth(!) - though there is surely something here for everyone.
Eschewing pratfalls and slapstick for cutting one-liners and excellent situation comedy, this is both essential viewing and well worthy of multiple viewings.
A gem.

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