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Transmitted:October 2004 - May 2008
Country of origin:Canada
Genre:Scientific investigation, science based horror, Ensemble cast
Starring:Peter Outerbridge, Conrad Pla, Mayko Nguyen, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Maxim Roy, Sarah Strange, Greg Bryk, Ellen Page
No. of seasons:4

Set in Toronto, this follows the exploits of NORBAC, a fictional agency set up to monitor and protect the North American continent from biological menaces, be it viral, bacterial, natural or man-made.
It's a convoluted web.
Headed by David Sandstrom (Outerbridge), a misanthropic, moody, ill-tempered hard-drinker, the organisation is staffed by a mish-mash of boffin types. There's the feisty Asian chick, the sensitive homosexual, the balls to the wall female boss and, the most interesting of the lot, Bob, the Asperger's suffering genius whose mind no-one can fathom but who, more often than not, sees solutions ahead of the crowd.
Feeling like something of a cross between the more science oriented X-Files episodes (F. Emasculata anyone?) and House, this is interesting, efficient, though it never quite sets the world on fire, at least in Season 1, the only series I have seen at time of writing. At times it gets a little too bogged down in its own scientific complexities, this is proper med-geek TV and, before you watch, you would do well to acquire that PhD in bacteriology you've been dreaming about so that you can follow the jargon-speak. I read somewhere that this was cloning the aforementioned House, both stylistically and in terms of the lead characterisation but that's nonsense as this show premiered a full month before the other, equally good med-drama.
If you can cope with being baffled by science and want a complex plot to really sink your teeth into, with enough anti-compassionate sentiment to keep even the corpse-painted black metal hordes happy, for a while at least, this might just be for you.
Like it.
I think.

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