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The Tomorrow People

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Transmitted:April 1973 - February 1979
Country of origin:UK
Genre:British sci-fi, Low budget, Cult classic
Starring:Nicholas Young, Peter Vaughan-Clarke, Elizabeth Adare, Philip Gilbert
No. of seasons:8

ITV's attempt to come up with their own Doctor Who, The Tomorrow People are a small band of young people who suddenly discover that they have extraordinary powers. To begin with their powers are frightening, alienating but, as they gain control and start to understand what it is that is happening to them, they begin to realise just how important they are to the future of mankind.
Homo Superior is how they are described, the next step in human evolution, and with this awesome power comes greater responsibility. The world governments would like nothing better than to have at their disposal an army of Tomorrow People, able to read minds, teleport and use telekinesis at will. Luckily, the Tomorrow People are pacifists, unable to harm others deliberately.
A fun, engaging, imaginative series, that suffers greatly from poor production values - though this really adds to its charm - the earlier material is far superior, though each season has its moments.
A likeable cast, this is kitsch TV at its very best.

NOTE - There is an updated version of the series, which began in 1992 though, as I have no knowledge or interest in it, it will not be finding its way onto these pages. For details about this version, click here

Find an episode guide of the original show here:

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