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The Triangle

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Transmitted:December 2005
Country of origin:UK / USA
Genre:Bermuda Triangle paranoia
Starring:Eric Stoltz, Catherine Bell, Bruce Davison, Michael E. Rodgers, Sam Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips
No. of seasons:N/A - 3 episode miniseries

A SyFy channel funded mini-series from 2005, this straddles the line between middle of the road drama twaddle, and science fiction escapism.

The plot:
A wealthy businessman, Eric Benirall (Sam Neill), owner of a shipping fleet, hires four individuals with specialised skills to investigate potential Bermuda Triangle related disappearances of his vessels.
The team are specially selected for their areas of expertise: a reporter, a psychic, an oceanographer and a meteorologist.
Unconvinced, initially, the team are persuaded by the promise of $5 million apiece if they can solve the mystery of The Triangle.
Should be easy enough, right?

Splicing soap opera style emoting with some decent, if hackneyed, sci-fi concepts, this does have the feel of the generic.
Whilst hardly breaking any new ground for an educated science fiction audience, this feels as though aimed at the less well-versed in sci-fi lore and, if that's the case, it does a decent introductory job.
With a strong cast - Eric Stoltz, Sam Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips - and a scope that verges on the epic, this goes for somewhat cinematic, but is let down by some very shoddy CGI work, at times, which simply serves as a reminder that this is a TV show, after all.
Nothing truly remarkable, then, but it will certainly pass the time efficiently enough.

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