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Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

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Transmitted:March 2009 - Present
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Stand up
Starring:Stewart Lee
No. of seasons:2 to date

Comments based on Series 2:

I bloody love Stewart Lee.
I have to express a conflict of interests here, I feel, and declare myself an unashamed fan boy.
I love the way he looks.
I love the way he holds the microphone.
I love the way the stage lighting catches that knowing glint in his eyes from time to time.
I love the way he turns to the camera, addressing those watching at home, and like to imagine that he is talking directly to me, and to me alone, and perhaps he’s thinking about us spending some ‘special’ time together.
I love just about everything about him, God damn it.
Here, we see a significant rise in quality from series one. Not the stand-up stuff. That’s always good, but the ‘sketches’ he appears to be contractually obliged to include seem better.
Well, better may be a touch strong.
Less bad is closer, but still not quite right. Struggling for the actual word.
Shorter. Yeah, that’ll be the one. The sketches are shorter, which is a major relief, as it simply means there’s more time for the actual meat of the matter; the stand up routine.
Intelligent, thoughtful and provocative, Lee has honed his craft over the better part of twenty five years so he stands on stage now, an assured master, totally confident in his own abilities, and commanding a respect from the audience he rightly deserves.
Subjects tackled this series include charity, London, identity and democracy, but these are simply umbrella terms to place over an episode whose actual content is varied in the extreme.
If your idea of good stand-up is Lee Evans getting caught up in his own microphone cable, I’d probably steer clear, but for the rest of us, just sit back and admire the best British stand up of his generation.

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