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Transmitted:Sep 2001- May 2006
Country of origin:USA
Genre:Action,gadgets, exotic locations
Starring:Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Ron Rifkin, Michael Vartan, Carl Lumby, Kevin Weisman, Bradley Cooper
No. of seasons:5

Sydney Bristow seems like a regular college student, but in fact she's working for the CIA. Suddenly, she discovers that the people she is working for are in fact called SD6, and are actually the very people she thought she was working against - enemies of both national and international security. Inevitably, her whole world is turned upside down, and she has to work from within to bring the evil organisation down.
Lots of action, fight sequences and ridiculous gadgets are the trademarks of the show, as well as a dazzling array of disguises for both Sydney and her fellow agents.
Double crossing, intrigue and a plot so convoluted it makes your head hurt at times, this show is simply superb.

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