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Black Books

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Transmitted:Sep 2000- April 2004
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Surreal comedy, Misanthropy, British eccentricity
Starring:Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Tamsin Grieg
No. of seasons:3

Brilliantly eccentric British comedy focusing on the antics of three so-called friends in London.
Bernard Black is a book shop owner, a man so riddled with neurosis and hatred of humanity that he is utterly incapable of functioning in day to day life.
Constantly angered by the presence of customers in his shop - he simply can't understand why they keep on bothering him for books, even though he chooses to run a bookshop - he is kept in check by the ministrations of his only friend Fran, and his single employee Manny, played with relish by the wonderful Bill Bailey.
Surreal plotlines, acid fuelled humour and a great chemistry between the three leads adds up to a comedic master piece.
Seldom does visual comedy make me so much as smile, but this show even manages that, with wonderfully bizarre visual gags to compliment the viciously sharp scripts.
The series takes a slight dip in series 3, although this is only down to the relentlessly high standards set by the first two, and I for one am glad that they put it out of its misery before its reputation was tarnished.
A fantastic addition to the comedy canon, highly recommended to fans of such fare as Blackadder and Peep Show.

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