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Smell the Movies
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Transmitted:June 1983- December 1999
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Historical setting, sarcasm, biting wit
Starring:Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Tim McInnery, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie
No. of seasons:4

Wonderfully vicious comedy following Edmund Blackadder through the ages, a selfish, arrogant misanthrope who lies, cheats and plots to increase either his social standing, his wealth or, in the case of the final series, his chances of survival.
Supported by an amazing ensemble of British comedy talent, this is quite simply one of the finest comedies of all time.
Series two is set in the time of Queen Elizabeth I, marvellously played as a petulant child by Miranda Richardson, and Edmund tries every trick in the book to raise his standing in the royal court.
Baldrick is his long suffering underling throughout the shows run, constantly landing himself in trouble with his impatient master.
Series three is set in the time of The Prince Regent, and four finds us in the first world war.
A true comedy gem, I have to confess that I have only seen series 1 once, and therefore cannot rate it. Special thanks to my good mate Si for giving me his ratings for those episodes which you can see below.
The final episode ever transmitted, the Millennium Special Blackadder Back and Forth, is a blot on an otherwise excellent series, as it is truly awful, but that aside, a must see show for all.

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