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Smell the Movies
Smell the TV

Transmitted:January 1997 - July 2002
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Satire, Mockumentary style, Controversial content and themes
Starring:Chris Morris, Mark Heap, Doon MacKichan, David Cann
No. of seasons:1, plus 1 special

Sharp, searing, witty, vile, nasty, satirical, idiotic, thought-provoking, juvenile, sublime, absurd.
Any and all of these labels can be applied to the genius that is Brasseye.
Chris Morris co-scripts and presents a viciously satirical attack on the media in the modern world, tackling various subjects - all controversial, but to varying degrees - to get his point across.
Several moments have entered the annals of TV folklore, including the infamous 'Cake' sequence (the 'made up' drug from Czechoslovakia), the masturbating Senator, and the Paedogeddon special, a Daily Mail baiting epidode which caused a flurry of controversy when first aired, including calls for Channel 4 to be prosecuted for promoting the idea of paedophilia.
Talk about people missing the point!
Love it or hate it, Brasseye took us to places no other TV show had dared before, luring unsuspecting celebrities to whore themselves with mindless scripts, or to fake support for a charity organisation, just to show how much they 'care'. The best moment for this is the Capitol Radio DJ who describes a charity as "A fabulous organisation", little realising that it doesn't even exist!
Never dull, always provocative, a must see for anyone with a mind.

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