Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Golden Boy

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Transmitted:January 1996 - February 1996
Country of origin:Japan
Genre:Japanese animation, Comedy, Juvenile humour
Starring:Mitsuo Iwata, GorĂ´ Naya
No. of seasons:1

Endearingly silly anime, only six episodes in duration, about a hapless delivery boy called Kintaro (well, he's called a delivery boy, though he is meant to be in his 20's), and the adventures he has on his travels.
Each episode sees him arriving in a new town, acquiring a new job, and each episode ends with him leaving.
Gently sexist, juvenile, very immature at times, this is the kind of anime that just puts a smile on the face.
Not one to start with if you are not a fan of anime, as this certainly won't convince you about the genre, but for those who are already devotees, this is entertaining fluff.

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