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Smell the Movies
Smell the TV

Transmitted:March 2000- April 2000
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Surreal comedy, British eccentricity, Breaking taboos
Starring:Chris Morris, Chris Morris, Kevin Eldon, David Cann, Julia Davis, Amelia Bullmore
No. of seasons:1

Twisted, surreal comedy from the mind of evil that we know as Chris Morris.
Following on from his boundary pushing The Day Today and Brasseye, he takes things one stage further with this bizarre, disturbing, horrific, and, at times, genius take on the sketch show format.
Each scene is either grotesque or bizarre in one way or another, and the direction is little short of Brechtian in its alienation of the audience. Long, awkward pauses, characters speaking directly to camera but just missing the eye line, characters speaking to each other when facing the wrong way etc., add to the atmosphere of strangeness.
Highlight sketches include the woman who calls a plumber to 'fix' her cot death baby, the man who sprays himself onto his ex-girlfriends house using a wood cutter, and the guy who seeks forgiveness for cheating on his girlfriend by explaining that he was 'only' raping the other woman, so it didn't mean a thing.
Certainly not one for all the family, and a massively acquired taste, I think this is one that will have a massive influence as the years go by.
If you can.

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