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Jason and the Argonauts

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Transmitted:7th May 2000
Country of origin:USA
Genre:Swords and Sandals, fantasy epic, One off mini-series
Starring:Jason London, Frank Langella, Natasha Henstridge, Derek Jacobi, Angus Macfadyen, David Calder
No. of seasons:N/A

Two part mini-series treatment of the perennial favourite, this is fairly faithful to the original material (the movie I mean, not the ancient Greeks scrolls!) and is admirably played straight throughout, and not overly hammy.
The plot is familiar to all I should imagine - to save his mother, Jason is sent on a quest to reclaim the Golden Fleece from an evil tyrant, and the power of said Fleece will allow his mother to be cured.
Of course, as with the movie version, this lives and dies by the set-pieces, and they are well handled:
Neptune, The Harpies, the skeletons from the dragon's teeth, they're all here and, with the exception of the skeletons, are well done - the skeletons are a bit of a disappointment, it has to be said, but I guess beating the majesty of the originals was always going to be a big ask.
Perhaps a shade too long with a three hour running time, it starts to flag towards the end, but this is still an enjoyable romp.

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