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Stephen King's It

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Transmitted:November 1990
Country of origin:USA
Genre:Childhood fears, Repercussions, Based on a novel
Starring:Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur, Annette O'Toole, John Ritter
No. of seasons:N/A

Based on King's epic novel, this sees a disparate group of children brought together by a common foe.
Derry, Maine, and young children are being brutally murdered. A small group, self-dubbed The Losers Club, keep seeing glimpses of a strange Clown figure that identifies itself as Pennywise.
Its mantra is simple and repetitive: 'You'll float down here. They always float.'
By working together they manage to overpower the demonic creature.
Several years later, the children have grown up and moved on and, curiously, none seem able to remember the events of their childhood, that is until Pennywise returns and they must head back to Derry to confront the monster once more.
With a modest budget, even for a TV show, some of the execution here is a bit lacklustre, but the central premise is sound enough and it is an admirable attempt to transfer such a gargantuan novel into something even remotely digestable.
The cast of children are well chosen, too, none of them coming across as overly irritating, and the adult cast is solid enough.
Tim Curry hams it up as Pennywise himself.
A solid if hardly essential miniseries.

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