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Smell the Movies
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Transmitted:September 2005 - February 2006
Country of origin:USA
Genre:New lifeforms, Sci-fi themes, Cancelled series
Starring:Lake Bell, Jay R. Ferguson, Carter Jenkins
No. of seasons:1

Entertaining and well realised sci-fi hockum, this one involving the realisation that a new species of apex predators has emerged, an aquatic reptile reminiscent of exctint dinosaurs, and their presence and behaviour is causing quite a stir.
This follows the actions and reactions of several characters, but in particular two groups - a marine biologist teamed up with a recreational diver, and a young boy who inadvertantly takes one as a pet, believing it to be something as harmless as a turtle variant or the like. Inevitably, the military become involved, and the whole situation soon escalates to a global level.
Interesting, with a solid premise, decent effects and solid acting, it can only be hoped that the long promised second series will indeed be commissioned, as the cliffhanger this finishes on begs further attention.
Well worth a look.

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