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V (2009)

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Transmitted:March 2010 - Present
Country of origin:USA
Genre:Alien invasion, Conspiracy and paranoia, Remake of a cult classic
Starring:Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Morris Chestnut, Morena Baccarin, Laura Vandervoort, Scott Wolf, Mark Hildreth, Charles Mesure
No. of seasons:2 and counting

For those of a certain age, the very mention of V: The Miniseries brings a nostalgic glisten to the orboids, with fond memories of hamster chomping reptiles masquerading as mankind's best friend, half human, half reptilian hybrids and Freddy Krueger as a cute and cuddly Visitor.
Indeed, V: The Miniseries and V: The Final Battle, the conclusion of the miniseries still stand up today as fine pieces of socially aware science-fiction, albeit with a kitsch value attached to the special effects, the fashion sense (Marc Singer's nut hugging jeans have to be seen to be believed) and the simplicity of the storyline at times.
Spurt forward near thirty years and, at last, a remake is upon us or, as the besuited teats that infest the corridors of TV studios the globe over would have it, a reimagining. The basic setup is identical as, suddenly, from nowhere, giant spacecraft hove into view over every major city in the world. The series' focus is on the craft hovering above - I want to say Los Angeles, but I think that's because of the original series. If anyone knows different, please let me know - New York which is home to the Visitor leader, Anna, played by the eminently lickable (sic) Morena Baccarin, last seen as the Companion Inara in Joss Whedon's short lived Firefly series.
As in the original, many humans accept the V's at their word, actively supporting them by taking part in various projects of theirs whilst others, known as The Fifth Column, take up arms against them, hoping to expose them as the cold blooded reptiliacks that they are. With modern special effects to spice things up, a more convoluted, more plausible storyline (for a sci-fi show about lizards invading Earth, that is) and more realistic fight scenes and the like, this is an effective update that still manages to retain the overall feel of its forebearer.
With a reasonably short initial run, it has been confirmed that it will return for a second series after favourable audience figures which is good, as this shows real promise and could yet turn out to be a genuine classic.

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