Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wallace and Gromit

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Transmitted:December 1989 - December 2008
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Claymation, British eccentricity, Movie parodies
Starring:Peter Sallis, Gromit
No. of seasons:4 30 minute episodes, plus 1 feature length movie.

Wallace is a bumbling inventor, constantly dreaming up one ridiculous contraption after another. He is also obsessed by cheese, and seems content to eat it with every meal.
Crackers and Wensleydale being his meal of choice.
Gromit is his trusty canine companion who, it soon becomes clear, has an intellect far in excess of his master. Together the duo fight crime and evil wherever they encounter it.
Amazing stop motion animation and one of the cutest characters to grace the screen (Gromit that is, in case I am unclear), these half hour episodes can be enjoyed by all ages.
Great stuff.

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