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The Wire

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Transmitted:June 2002 - March 2008
Country of origin:USA
Genre:Police drama, Realism, Ensemble cast
Starring:Dominic West, Sonja Sohn, Lance Reddick, Wendell Pierce, Seth Gilliam, Frankie R. Faison, Larry Gilliard Jr, Wood Harris, Idris Elba, Andre Royo, Jim True-Frost, Michael K. Williams, Domenick Lombardozzi
No. of seasons:5

Simply superb police drama series set in Baltimore.
The plot of the show (the first series at least) is simple enough: A known drug lord, Avon Barksdale, is in control of most of the drug flow in the city, and it is the task of the Narcotics Division of the Baltimore Police Department to bring him down.
But that summary does little justice to this TV show. This deals in complexities, in subtleties, in relationships, in betrayal and greed and loyalty and revenge, and all of the other aspects of life that make our existence so interesting and yet, at times, so utterly grim.
Relentlessly depressing, shockingly violent at times, this is a show where the police are as bent as the crooks, the villains have emotions and doubts about their actions, and nothing is black and white.
The creator, David Simon has actually described it as a televisual novel, with each episode a chapter in the book, and he's not too far wide of the mark.
Compulsively engaging, unflinchingly realistic, and with an extraordinary cast, this is a blueprint for how any drama series should play out.
Mesmeric television.

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