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The X Files

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Transmitted:September 1993 - May 2002
Country of origin:USA
Genre:Paranoia, Alien invasion, Cult classic
Starring:Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea
No. of seasons:9, plus 2 movies

Possibly THE show of the 90's, this was one of those odd moments in TV history whereby a genre specific, cult show hits the mainstream big time. Of course, once the sheep are told by their chosen newspapers that they should be watching it, they follow faithfully and, in this case, it can only have been damaging.
The first three series are stunning: Original, thought provoking and frightening, but once it was realised that it was popular, the experimentation and self congratulation began.
Still to see the last two seasons in truth (and whether I will ever get round to it is determined by whether I am ever house bound for a few months at some point due to an incapacitating illness), but the first three series are simply superb. Tense, dramatic and intelligent, with some of the best atmospheric music outside of an Italian Giallo movie, this started out just great. There's still some merit in series 4 through 7, but the hits are less frequent than before.
I guess the good times can never last for long.....

UPDATE - Finally got round to watching Season 8 and, wow, I was blown away. Defying all expectations, the series really returns to form as new FBI Agent John Doggett, played superbly well by Robert Patrick, joins the fray. He's the skeptic and, in a reversal of her original role, Scully is the open-minded believer.
Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter appear to handle most writing duties, which explains the lift in quality as, crucially, the intensity of the first three seasons is back, as electrifying as ever.
A great revival.

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