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Wolf's Rain

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Transmitted:January 2003 - October 2004
Country of origin:Japan
Genre:Anime, melancholia, impossible journey
Starring:Mamoru Miyano, Kenta Miyake, Akio Suyama, Hiroki Shimowada, Arisa Ogasawara
No. of seasons:1

From Tensai Okamura comes a sombre, brooding, melancholic affair.

The plot:
Legend has it that, when all else comes to an end, the pathway to Paradise will appear, but only those whose blood still flows with Lupine clarity will be blessed to see the pathway, and ascend.
We follow four young wolves, masquerading as humans, in a world that may be the past, may be the present, or may be the future.
Their quest is simple: Find the Lunar Flower, for only she can guide them to their destiny; to open the pathway to paradise, there to dwell for all eternity.

As baffling as it is beautiful at times, this is one to sorely test the patience of even the mildest of souls.
Our boys wander hither and thither, occasionally pausing for a moment of genuflection and philosophising, before wandering on again.
Every so often, they do a spot of hunting for some food, then they stop again, genuflect some more, talk to The Lunar Flower who dutifully responds, though only in the third person – the pretentious cunt. You wouldn’t catch Mo doing that. No you fucking wouldn’t – before they wander off again.
In thirty painstaking episodes, only two action scenes of note occur, one in the climactic episode, and one in a cave against some giant maggots. I shit you not.
Other than that, it’s all about the wandering, and the yacking on endlessly about Paradise and The Scent of the Lunar Flower – euphemisms very much intended, I suspect.
If you are not yet an anime convert, I suggest giving this one a very wide berth as, if this were your first experience of the marvellous world of Japanese animation, I suspect it would also be your last.
Ponderous beauty, then.

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