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Hikaru No Go

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Transmitted:October 2001 - March 2003
Country of origin:Japan
Genre:Japanese animation, Supernatural element, Dramatic board game!
Starring:Tomoko Kawakami, Susumu Chiba, Sanae Kobayashi
No. of seasons:3

Superb anime series following a young boy named Hikaru who, one day, when searching in his Grandad's attic, discovers a Go board (Go is a Japanese game that looks vaguely reminiscent of Othello, only with a larger board). As he picks the board up, a ghostly, ancient figure appears and introduces himself as Sai, a Go champion from hundreds of years ago. Realising that he is communicating with someone corporeal, Sai tries to convince Hikaru to play Go for him. Thus, Hikaru is introduced to the game.
Throughout the series, the main focus is on the rivalry between Hikaru and another excellent young Go player, Akira, who is suspicious of where Hikaru is acquiring his skill levels.
Intriguing, funny, with some great animation, never has a board game been so damn exciting.
This is a superb series.

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