Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Professionals

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Transmitted:December 1977 - March 1983
Country of origin:UK
Genre:Action, Homo-eroticism, Cars
Starring:Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins
No. of seasons:5

CI5 operatives Bodie and Doyle spend their time fighting criminals, shooting at criminals, chasing criminals in their glorious array of classic 70's cars (the Ford Capri being my personal favourite), and generally acting as we would all like to act given half the chance.
Bodie is a womanising hard man, whilst Doyle seems to have a more tender side, as emphasised in episodes such as the excellent 'Involvement'
Their boss, Cowley, played by Gordon Jackson is a tough man called upon to make tough decisions, frequently issuing orders that could end in the death of one of his staff. He masks his respect and affection for his men behind a veneer of brusque authoritarianism, barking out instructions between swigs of finest malt whisky.
An all round entertaining action series, the like of which we will never see again.

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